What We Do


Deep experience, incisive insights, and invaluable perspectives.

We don’t just provide capital, we provide intelligent and thoughtful analysis as a result of decades of experience as nationally recognized trial lawyers and practitioners. Our team has diverse legal and financial backgrounds, but in all instances, our careers have been built on the ability to see through complexities to deliver superior outcomes and industry-leading results.

Where lawyers and clients direct and control the litigation, TRGP adds not only capital but a skilled ear and sharp observations that are always available to our partners. Our goal is to help attorneys and their clients reach successful resolutions that provide remunerative returns to all involved.

This is our driving and preeminent focus at TRGP.

Why Choose TRGP?

Our extensive experience gives us a unique advantage in understanding the optimal resources necessary for a litigant to proceed with and prevail in litigation – along with insights into what constitutes a valid, meritorious claim, and the various routes to a successful outcome.

Why Litigation Finance?

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, public or private, pursuing and/or defending litigation can be costly, time-consuming, and can significantly impact a company’s bottom line, inhibiting current operations, future growth, and a company’s overall outlook.

Litigation funding mitigates or eliminates these effects by assuming most of the financial risk in commercial and corporate claims, allowing management and boards to focus on growth and opportunity.

How TRGP Helps Businesses

We help businesses of all sizes by:

  • Assuming the financial risk for new or pending litigation
  • Advancing against pending awards or settlements to help manage cash flow
  • Helping to establish litigation strategies and realistic budgets
  • Providing advice and insights on the outside counsel that’s appropriate for your litigation

Our Team

Meet our team and see what sets them apart

Michael Rozen

Managing Partner

Hassan Murphy

Managing Partner

Tom Stamatelos

Chief Financial Officer

David Killalea

Managing Director

Neeraj Borle

Vice President

Rajee Solanki

Executive Assistant

Brittni Mastaglio

Executive Assistant