When legal depth meets financial breadth to power confidence-driven counsel, suddenly the perspectives and partnerships you never considered become the ones you can’t win without.

Behind every commercial case there’s something driving its confidence: TRGP.

Our firm provides capital for corporate disputes including antitrust, international arbitration, breach of contract, business torts, and other causes of action. An ultimate business ally both nationally and internationally, our capital allows companies to decrease legal spend and increase growth. In addition, our capital helps level the playing field for litigants with strong claims who lack adequate resources to pursue them, particularly against more established and better capitalized opponents.

TRGP adds value, subtracts complexity, and multiplies results.

By providing capital for mass tort cases, individual catastrophic injury cases, and portfolios of cases litigated by leading tort lawyers and law firms, TRGP allows plaintiffs’ attorneys to acquire and litigate more cases than they otherwise could. Using its deep network, TRGP is the ultimate ally in sourcing cases and portfolios of cases that others may not be able to access. With funding for a broad array of mass torts and law firm portfolios, TRGP’s investors can take advantage of economies of scale in order to maximize return on capital.

Big funding for entrepreneurs and large entities alike.

TRGP provides capital for intellectual property cases and licensing campaigns because we know that a better funded litigant is a more dangerous litigant. Given that holders of intellectual property are often undercapitalized, TRGP can level the playing field to help create optimal outcomes for intellectual property holders.

Small companies and individual inventors are sometimes subjected to brazen infringing activities, with infringers believing that they do not have the financial wherewithal to endure the process of patent litigation, which can take several years to resolve. TRGP gives holders of intellectual property comfort to see these kinds of cases through to the end.

With TRGP as their ally, rights holders have the ability to match their alleged infringers in front of the Patent Trial and Appeals Board, in the Patent and Trademark Office and at the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

Capital to right environmental wrongs.

The ultimate environmental ally, TRGP funds more than cases—we seek to provide better futures for people and their surroundings. That’s why we provide capital for claims against those who damage property and spoil the environment through leaks, emissions, and destructive practices. We seek cases that can redress the extensive property, health, and environmental damage that pollution, dumping, and harmful climate behavior causes. Recovery in these cases makes plaintiffs whole and rights the wrongs done to the environment, all while providing a strong return to investors and litigation counsel.

The ultimate ally for whistleblowers.

TRGP provides capital for cases that aim to correct the wrongful behavior of institutions and entities that have defrauded the federal government or committed various criminal or civil violations. These cases generally involve significant malfeasance by large actors – and substantial damages awards. Often tricky in that they involve multiple actors – the relator, the government, and the entity/entities to be investigated – these cases demand unique procedures that only experts can truly navigate. With deep experience as both litigators and investors in qui tam and governmental cases, the TRGP team provides the perspectives and partnerships you need to get the outcomes you want.

Minimize the financial risks. Maximize the positive outcomes.

Capital from TRGP allows law firms to mitigate risks so they can focus on maximizing outcomes for their business and their clients. Uniquely equipped to help law firms ensure they have the capital they need for the growth they want, our funding frees firms from the financial constraints that limit their scope. It also allows attorneys to take on high-value cases that they may otherwise consider to be too costly, risky, or time consuming.

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