TRGP Capital was formed with a very important person in mind:

Whether you’re a deserving litigant or an investor seeking differentiated, un-correlated returns, TRGP is not just your partner, but also your ally in seeking a just and more equitable legal world.

Confidence at scale. TRGP at work.

With the insights to not only pinpoint a valid, meritorious claim—but also identify how it can prevail, we ensure you have the capital and counsel you need today to succeed tomorrow.

Anyone can provide funding. But we deliver more than capital; we offer the kind of intelligent and thoughtful analysis that can only come from our decades of experience and expertise in the field. Thanks to a diverse team of legal and financial professionals, we have the ability to see through complexities and deliver industry-leading results.

In cases where lawyers and clients direct and control the litigation, we add not only capital but also a skilled ear and sharp observations. The ultimate ally, we aim to help attorneys and their clients reach successful resolutions that provide returns to all involved.

Through hard work, intellectual honesty, and an approach that outsmarts rather than outspends, we’re the partner you need to align the resources you want to achieve optimal outcomes.

Why Litigation Finance?

Whether you’re a startup or a Fortune 500 company, public or private, pursuing and/or defending litigation can be costly, time-consuming, and can significantly impact a company’s bottom line, inhibiting current operations, future growth, and a company’s overall financial outlook.

Litigation funding mitigates or eliminates these effects by assuming most of the financial risk in commercial and corporate claims, allowing management and boards to focus on growth and opportunity.

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