Intellectual Property

TRGP provides capital for intellectual property cases and licensing campaigns. Given that holders of intellectual property are often undercapitalized in litigation, TRGP can level the playing field to create optimal outcomes for intellectual property holders.

Oftentimes, small companies and individual inventors are subjected to brazen infringing activities by larger companies. Those companies may cynically believe that the smaller inventors do not have the financial wherewithal to endure the process of patent litigation, which can usually take several years to resolve.

With TRGP, small entities and individual inventors have the ability to match their alleged infringers in court, in front of the Patent Trial and Appeals Board in the Patent and Trademark Office and at the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. In fact, the David versus Goliath storyline that often accompanies TRGP investments in intellectual property litigation provides an advantage to plaintiffs that can provide the winning edge in settlement negotiations and/or trial.