Law Firm/Portfolio Financing

TRGP is uniquely equipped to help law firms with their funding needs. Our team is comprised of professionals with decades of experience in both law and finance. This includes former managing partners and founders of law firms who have specialized in taking high-value claims from intake to settlement or verdict.  We can provide long-term strategies that lead to optimal outcomes for both your law firm and your clients.

Why Do You Need Litigation Finance?

By using our capital, law firms can pursue more strategies and more cases than they otherwise would, maximizing revenues and increasing retention of fees.  Financial constraints can limit the scope and growth of a law firm, preventing attorneys from taking on high-value cases that are costly, risky, and that take significant time to resolution. This is especially true in firms which operate on contingency, where no fees are collected until a favorable verdict or settlement is recovered.

Litigation financing from TRGP empowers law firms to grow revenues while reducing risk, creating higher profits per partner, and normalizing operations without undue concern about budgeting and operating costs. By retaining third-party capital, you can focus on recovering the maximum possible compensation for your clients – rather than being distracted by whether or not your case will adversely affect the firm’s bottom line, even if ultimately successful in litigation.

How TRGP Helps Law Firms

We help law firms by:

  • Applying our experience to a comprehensive review of the merits of your claim and legal strategy, as a supplement to that you’ve already undertaken.
  • Providing funding either by single case or by portfolio
  • Allowing those who charge hourly fees to explore more client-friendly pricing solutions
  • Offering advance resources to firms who charge fees on contingency
  • Advancing the payment of post-settlement fees and other expenses
  • Providing capital to expand your firm’s practices
  • Giving bigger-picture budget strategy and counsel, if desired.

Ultimately, we want to help minimize financial risks so that you can focus on legal proceedings, positive outcomes and firm growth.

We Offer Value Beyond Capital

TRGP does not just offer litigation financing – we also offer peripheral services necessary to assist you before, during, and after investment. This may include:

  • Contributing to case strategy, such as proper methods to build an effective case for maximum recovery.
  • Building a litigation budget that is realistic and reasonable for all parties.
  • Assessing any settlement offers that may be proposed by other parties and determining whether or not they have merit.
  • Offering thoughts and advice at every stage of litigation.

We offer these services only when requested. We understand that we ultimately do not control your case strategy and decision-making – we are here as an additional voice of support and consultation when necessary.